Industrial / Construction machinery


While challenging the automated equipment for refrigerating machines,
Konan succeeded manufacturing of pneumatic equipment for domestic production of spot welding machine at the end of trial and error for the first time in Japan in 1941.
At the time of development, the pneumatic technology itself was not perceived at all.
Data and theory supported by steady research and development by Konan's technical team have become the cornerstone of Japan's pneumatic technology after all, even though there is no logical academic material.
We started production of hydraulic breakers, which are attachments for hydraulic excavators In 1973.
Based on experience and know-how accumulated over many years, Konan always creates new value by continuing to challenge technological innovation.
The 1940
Establishment of a business
1940(May.) Tozo Oku founded the Toa Kosakusho in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture.
1941 Initiated research and development of solenoid valves, reducing valves and pressure switches, utilized as components of spot welders used in the manufacture of aircraft. Succeeded in domestic production first in Japan.
1949(Apr.) Reorganization of the company and name change to KONAN Electric Co., Ltd.
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The 1950 〜 The 1960
Start overseas expansion from domestic market
1954(Feb.) Established Osaka Branch Sales Office.
1957(May.) Established Tokyo Branch Sales Office.
1958(Sep.) Established Fukuoka Branch Sales Office. (Now Kitakyushu)
1960(Mar.) Established Nagoya Branch Sales Office.
1962(Apr.) Completed new headquarters facilities.
1963(Aug.) Capital increased to ¥100 million.
1969(Jul.) Established Kanazawa Branch Sales Office and Mihara Branch Sales Office.
The 1970
Strengthen of the production base
1970(Feb.) Capital increased to ¥200 million.
1970(Mar.) Completed new plant facilities in Nishinomiya.
1972(Oct.) Begin the production of Hydraulic Breakers.
1975(Feb.) Established Takamatsu Branch Sales Office.
1975(Mar.) Increased capital to ¥344.5 million.
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The 1980
Established the construction machinery devision
1980(Jun.) Increased capital to ¥500 million.
1980(Nov.) Completed Kobe Plant.
1987(Sep.) Established Konan Electric Sougou Service Co., Ltd.
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The 1990
Certification of quality systems
1990(May.) Established 50 years.
1995(Nov.) Established Tohoku Branch Sales Office.
1995(Dec.) Approved an ISO-9001 in Headquarters of Construction Machinery Division.
1996(Aug.) Established company website.
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The 2000
Toward greater achievements
2003(Dec.) Established Shanghai Konan Asia Pneu. Hyd. Co., Ltd.
2005(Sep.) Industrial Machinery Division was divided. And established the separate company, KONAN Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
2007(Apr.) Established Chiba Branch Sales Office.
2007(Oct.) Reduced capital to ¥479 million.
2012(May.) Merges with KONAN Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. again
2016(Dec.) Established Hokkaido Branch Sales Office.
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