Konan Electric Co., Ltd. Web Site: Terms of Use

1. Preface

This web site (“Web Site”) is owned, operated and maintained by Konan Electric Co., Ltd. (“Konan”) for the purpose of providing Konan corporate and product information to users of the Web Site (“Customers”) and allowing them to make use of CAD data provided for Konan products. Please read these Terms of Use carefully before accessing and browsing this Web Site. You are allowed to use this Web Site only if you agree to and accept these Terms of Use.

2. Disclaimers

  • Konan provides the information and data available on this Web Site. Konan expends maximum effort to maintain the information/data’s accuracy and timeliness through investigative and detailed checking processes. However, Konan offers no warranties of any kind regarding information and data found on this Web Site. Konan is not liable for unintentional errors and/or omission of information and/or data.
  • When downloading any data or program from this Web Site, Customers should do so at their own risk.
  • In no circumstances will Konan be responsible for any damage or cause of any damage, direct or indirect, to third parties based on or resulting from information or data on this Web Site, or liable for any compensation thereof.

3. Copyright

The copyright for all materials on this Web Site, including, without limitations, text, images, drawings, charts, CAD data, trademarks and logos, belongs to Konan. Except to the extent permitted by the applicable copyright laws, you are prohibited to duplicate, reproduce in whole or in part, transmit or distribute the materials on the Web Site or modify/alter them in any form or manner, without obtaining Konan’s prior written consent.

4. Prohibited Usage

Any of the following activities are prohibited from being used on this Web Site:

  • Using the Web Site In any way other than those specified by Konan
  • Corruption of or other damage to data or any activity that may corrupt or damage data by illegally accessing Konan’s computer systems
  • Gathering information held by Konan by illegally accessing Konan’s computer systems
  • Using a false identity to access services provided by Konan
  • any activity that can disturb public order and/or violates laws and/or legally binding regulations both within Japan and without

5. Others

Konan reserves the right to change the URL of this Web Site, change or remove any information on this Web Site, and/or change these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice.