Industrial / Construction machinery

Message from Top Management
We aim truly valuable manufacturing technology

Let me begin by expressing our sincere appreciation to all of our customers who use our products. Since the company's inception, we at Konan Electric Co., Ltd. have worked untiringly to produce and deliver products that offer real benefits for our customers and for society at large.
As Japan eagerly pursued industrial modernization in the early 1940s, Konan accepted the challenge of developing automatic control devices for imported freezers.
At the same time, and through much trial and error, the company succeeded in producing Japan's first pneumatic components that enabled domestic production of spot welders.

Founder Tozo Oku's personal belief was that as long as we work sincerely we should be able to pave the way for a brighter future. This spirit has been preserved and is strictly followed today as we promote our business operations.

Recently, we have witnessed amazing advancements in technology, along with increasing globalization of business. These trends have been accompanied by growing societal needs for safety, environmental protection and energy conservation. With these situations in mind, we will:
(1) remain faithful to our principles of integrity and our customer-first policy, as we work to fulfill our mission of contributing to the development of society through our business operations; and
(2) continue to value teamwork, strive to build character, work to refine and develop technologies, emphasize education, consistently seek business innovation with the aim of realizing continuous progress, and offer products with a high level of safety and reliability.




Toshikazu Miyauchi , Chairman and President
代表取缔役会长兼社长 宫内 寿一