Discontinued products / Replacements and spare parts

The following products have been discontinued from our products family.
But Konan supplies the spare parts of these products for a certain period of time.
For more details, please contact us.

Discontinued products list

Model Discontinued models Alternative recommended products Date
Magstar Ⅲ series
Solenoid Valves
453S20□C 453S20□K September 2016
453D20□C 453D20□K
New-MAGSTAR series solenoid valves 454S20□C 454S20□K September 2016
454D20□C 454D20□K
Explosion-proof solenoid valves MVS80□□-02 MVS81□□-02 August 2012
MVD80□□-02 MVD81□□-02
Plugin type solenoid valves 414□□-ISO Please contact us December 2007
416□□-ISO Please contact us
Perfect closed solenoid valves 416J□□-PC Please contact us December 2007
Solenoid valve with a metal spool Discontinued AC200V only NEW MAGSTAR series September 2008
Lock cylinders LP66 To order products October 2008
Air Filters AF2-03 AF21-04 June 2009
AF2P-03 AF21P-04 June 2008
AF2S-03 AF21S-04 July 2009
Air Filters with Autodrain ADF2-03 ADF21-04 July 2009
ADF2-04 November 2008
Lubricators OL2-03 OL21-04 March 2009
OL2-04 April 2008
OL2S-03 OL21S-04 December 2008
OL2S-04 April 2009
FRL Units LU2-03 LU21-04 November 2008
LU2-04 April 2008
FR Units ARU3AP-04 FR21P-04 April 2008
ARU3AD-04 FR21D-04 November 2008
Pallet packaging machine September 2017
Alternative recommended products do not guarantee complete compatibility.
Please contact us for details.